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1990-2009 Toyota Celica Radio Removal & Installation

Posted on 26 December 2013 by admin

Download 1990-2009 Toyota Celica Radio Removal & Installation – STEP 1: With your hands, gently lift up and unsnap the plastic panel surrounding the gear shift area. STEP 1: Once the plastic panel has been removed, locate and remove two (2) phillips screws at the very bottom of the ashtray/cigarette lighter area that were originally hidden underneath the plastic panel just removed. STEP 3: The dash panel surrounding the radio can now be removed. WARNING: Unsnap the TOP of the plastic panel first, as seen in the photo above. If you try to pull of the dash panel by starting at the bottom, the top of the plastic dash panel may crack. To unsnap the top of the plastic dash panel, insert a flat head screwdriver above the top of the plastic panel in order to grab it with your hands. STEP 4: The radio is secured to the pocket/optional CD player below the radio by metal brackets on each side of the radio. These metal brackets also secure the radio/pocket assembly to the dash. Locate and remove four (4) 8mm bolts / phillips screws that secure the brackets to the dash. Remove Factory Radio STEP 5: Pull the radio/pocket assembly out of the dash. Unplug the black cable plugged into the rear of the radio. Unplug 2 white plastic wire harness connectors plugged into the rear of the radio. Move to the “Wire New Radio Section”. Move to: Mounting New Radio Section The Install Doctor STRONGLY recommends purchasing a ‘DIN’ radio for this vehicle. ‘DIN’ radios are a direct replacement for the radio in this vehicle. More information is available in the “Mounting New Radio” section.

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