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How to Install Tailgate Spoiler on a 2012 Honda CRV

Posted on 07 December 2013 by admin

Download How to Install Tailgate Spoiler on a 2012 Honda CRV – INSTALLATION 1. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery. 2. Put a shop towel on the roof to protect it in case the high-mount brake light should drop during removal. 3. Open the tailgate. Remove the tailgate upper trim panel (four clips and two retaining tabs). 4. Remove two nuts that secure the high-mount brake light. 5. Remove the high-mount brake light: • Insert a plastic trim tool into the hole, and release two retaining tabs. • Gently close the tailgate. Unplug the vehicle connector, then remove the high-mount brake light. Remove the shop towel. 6. To keep metal shavings out of the tailgate, attach masking tape over the high-mount brake light opening. 7. Place template B on the top right corner of the tailgate, and align it to the edge of the tailgate. Secure the template in place with masking tape. 8. Using a felt-tip pen, mark the tailgate through the hole in template B. 9. Remove the template. Turn the template over, and repeat steps 7 and 8 to mark the left side of the tailgate. 10. Gently set the tailgate spoiler on the tailgate. Align the two outboard holes in the tailgate spoiler with the two marks you made on the tailgate. Using a felt-tip pen, mark the tailgate through the center hole in the spoiler. Remove the tailgate spoiler. 11. To prevent metal shavings from entering the cargo area, attach masking tape to the tailgate in the areas shown. 12. Gently centerpunch the three marks you made on the tailgate. 13. While wearing eye protection, use a 3 mm drill bit to drill the three centerpunched marks on the tailgate.

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