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How to Install Engine Block Heater on a 2012 Honda CRV

Posted on 05 December 2013 by admin

Download How to Install Engine Block Heater on a 2012 Honda CRV – INSTALLATION 1. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery. 2. Allow the engine and all cooling system components to cool down. 3.Place a clean drain pan under the radiator drain plug, then remove the drain plug from the bottom of the radiator to drain the coolant. Remove the radiator cap to increase the flow. 4. Make sure to drain the coolant completely, replace the radiator cap to prevent contamination from entering the radiator. 5. Remove the two self-tapping screws and the three clips from the left front wheel arch protector. 6.Remove the left front wheel arch protector (eight clips and three retaining tabs). 7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to remove the right front wheel arch protector. 8. On each side of the vehicle, attach masking tape to the front bumper, left headlight and left front fender as shown. 9. Attach masking tape to the front grille and front bumper in the area shown. 10. Remove the four clips from the front grille. 11. Using a flat-tip screwdriver, release the 4 clips from the bottom of the front grille. 12. Using a long blade flat-tip screwdriver, release the one clip and the two retaining tabs from each side of the front grille. 13. Remove the front bumper. •Remove the two self-tapping screws, two bolts, and six clips. •On each side, release the three retaining tabs. •On each side, release the four retaining tabs. •Attach masking tape to the front bumper in the area shown. •Release the two clips. •With the help of an assistant, remove the front bumper (if equipped, unplug the vehicle connectors). •Place the front bumper on a blanket after removal.

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