Automatic Transmission 1997-2000 dodge REMOVAL & INSTALLATION

Posted on 12 January 2014 by admin

Download 3. Remove the skidplate(s) if fitted. 4. Remove the skidplate support crossmember, if fitted. 5. Remove any exhaust pipes and crossover pipes that would interfere with transmission removal. 6. Disconnect the fluid cooler lines at the transmission. 7. Remove the starter motor. 8. On Ram: remove the engine-to-transmission struts, if fitted. 9. On Dakota and Durango: 1. Support the engine with a suitable jack device and wooden block. 2. Remove the bolts attaching the engine-to-transmission brackets to the transmission. 3. Remove the bolt and nut securing each engine-to-transmission bracket to the motor mounts. 4. Remove the engine-to-transmission brackets from the front axle, if fitted. 5. Loosen the brackets on each side of the engine block. 10. Disconnect and remove the crankshaft position sensor. Retain the sensor attaching bolts. 11. Remove the torque converter access cover. 12. If the transmission is being removed for rebuilding, remove the oil pan and drain the fluid. Reinstall the pan before removing the unit to protect internal components. 13. Remove the fill tube bracket bolts and pull the tube out of the transmission. Retain the fill tube seal. 14. On 4×4 vehicles, remove the bolt attaching the transfer case vent tube to the converter housing.

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