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2006 Present Dodge Charger Figure Grille Set Installation Manual

Posted on 30 December 2013 by admin

Download 2006 Present Dodge Charger Figure Grille Set Installation Manual – 1.1) Remove radiator covers. Begin by popping the hood of your vehicle. There are two plastic protective shields which cover the radiator area. These are held in place by small clips which will let go easily by pulling on the pieces. 1.2) Remove the grille frame screws. The grille assembly consists of two pieces, the grille frame and the grille (Fig. 3). Both must be removed from the vehicle to release the grille. 1.4) Remove grille assembly from bumper. Once the four screws are removed from the grille assembly, the grille frame is still held in place by four tabs along its perimeter. These tabs are visible from inside the engine compartment (Fig. 5). Insert a slotted screwdriver between the grille frame and the bumper at the outside of the vehicle (Fig. 6.), and gently pry the grille frame from the bumper by freeing each of the four tabs as you work your way around the grille frame. 1.5) Separate the grille from the grille frame. First free the outsides of the grille from the frame by inserting a slotted screwdriver between the grille and the frame at the tab clips (Fig. 7.1), and pry upward until the grill slot is free of the retaining lip on the frame tab (Fig. 7.2). 2) Prepare the grille frame for installation. Drill a 1/8” hole in each of the sixteen frame tabs that held the stock grille in place. Be sure to place the hole against the retaining lip on the finished side of the lip, as shown in Fig. 10. 3) Install the grilles into the grille frame. Fit the grilles into their respective openings and secure them with the nylon ties, as shown in Fig. 11.

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