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Quick Reference Guide for DICE BMW iPod Integration Kit

Posted on 29 December 2013 by admin

Download Quick Reference Guide for DICE BMW iPod Integration Kit – 1. First and foremost, it is imperative that your iPod is up to date with the most current firmware. This firmware is available at the iTunes website. This solves most problems with the Dice modules. 2. Check to make sure that your iPod battery has enough of an initial charge to function properly. This is a very common reason we see the Dice modules not working as they should. If not, the iPod periodically needs to be charged via the AC adapter that came with it. USB charging will not work on an iPod that has completely lost it’s charge. 3. Reset both the iPod and the Dice module. To reset the iPod, you will simultaneously hold down the center button and the menu button for approximately 10 seconds until you see an apple appear on the screen of the iPod. To reset the Dice module, you will want to completely disconnect the module itself, meaning both the cable coming from the trunk and the cable going to the iPod. At this point, it is imperative to leave the module disconnected for at least half an hour. Now, plug the Ipod cable back into the Dice module, then plug the cable coming from the trunk back into the Dice module. Refer to the section above for the proper initialization programming sequence. If none of the above solves your particular issue, proceed with a complete re-initialization as outlined on the next page. Programming the Dice Module Now we can begin the programming, which is super easy if you follow these steps: 1. Turn the ignition on and wait approximately 45 seconds before beginning to use the Dice module.

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