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2000 Acura NSX R-134a Refrigerant A/C System Service & Repair

Posted on 28 December 2013 by admin

Download 2000 Acura NSX R-134a Refrigerant A/C System Service & Repair – Service Precautions Observe the following service precautions carefully when servicing R-134a air conditioner systems: Only use service equipment that is U.L.-listed and is  certified to meet the requirements of SAE J2210 (1991) to remove R-134a from the air conditioner. CAUTION: Exposure to air conditioner  refrigerant and lubricant vapor or mist can irritate eyes, nose, and throat. Avoid breathing air conditioner refrigerant and lubricant vapor or mist. If accidental system discharging occurs, ventilate work area before resuming service. Additional health and safety information may be obtained from the refrigerant manufacturers. Refrigerants and Oils Refrigerants R-12 and R-134a are not compatible with each other; do not mix them. Mixing R-12 and R-134a together even in the smallest quantities can result in air conditioner system and service equipment failure. The refrigerant oils are also not compatible. R-12 refrigerant oil is mineral based. R-134a refrigerant uses a Polyalkylene glycol (PAG) synthetic-based oil. Mixing refrigerant oils will cause compressor failure. Use only the recommended oil for the compressor. Refer to the appropriate year and model of service manual for the specific type of refrigerant oil. R-134a refrigerant and oil both have high hygroscopic properties, meaning they attract and absorb moisture rapidly. Observe the following instructions carefully: 1. When replacing or disconnecting refrigerant lines, be sure to plug or cap the lines and ports immediately to keep moisture and dust out of the system.

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